Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve been trying to write this page for weeks and it’s been torture. It feels like I set up my house for a party and now I’m just waiting for people to come. Only, I haven’t actually invited anyone. Instead, I’ve put myself in the uncomfortable and awkward position of having to draw people in by promising a good time, without sounding desperate, and then not disappointing with useless nonsense.

I am an American expat currently living in Singapore with my husband and two young boys. I think I’m supposed to have a “niche” and I mostly do (parenting) but sometimes I don’t. I sometimes write about life as expat, life in Singapore or in China (we lived in Shanghai from 2012 – 2014). I sometimes write about writing. 

If you’re here because you read something I wrote and want to read more, please stay and poke around the blog. While maybe not a “party,” you may read something you like. Or not like. In either case, feel free to leave a comment. It’s like virtual mingling.

If you’re here because you need some copywriting, see the “hire me” tab for examples of my work and how to get in touch!

If you’re here by mistake…lucky you! The party’s just starting. Come in and stay awhile.

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